Chronic Care Staffing Launches AI Call Monitoring Technology

Chronic Care Staffing Launches AI Call Monitoring Technology

Leading remote care management services provider adopts AI-assisted technology that helps improve patient care and outcomes.

CHARLESTON, S.C., Jan. 3, 2024 Chronic Care Staffing, LLC ("CCS"), the leading nationwide provider of clinically-based virtual care management services, has adopted innovative customer engagement software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help improve the quality and content of patient interactions along with monitoring Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).

AI Call Monitoring Helps Improve Patient Interaction and Satisfaction

Remote healthcare is about conveying accurate information in a clear, constructive, and reassuring manner. Our AI solution offers faster call resolution times, real-time agent coaching, and automated call scoring and analysis, assuring practices they are delivering the best possible service.

Since its founding in 2015, CCS's critical focus has been to help clients in health centers and private practices improve patient care, outcomes, and satisfaction. This focus also directly affects the providers' bottom line as CMS and payors are tying reimbursement to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction scores.

According to Chronic Care Staffing COO, Connor Danielowski, the effects of improved patient satisfaction are numerous, but prime considerations include outcomes, costs, and overall improved patient well-being. "Studies show that patients who are more satisfied with their care are more likely to follow their treatment plans and have better overall outcomes. As for costs, satisfied patients are less likely to use unnecessary healthcare services, saving payors money. And finally, like every business or institution, payors want to be seen as driving value and clinical excellence. By tying reimbursement to patient satisfaction scores, they demonstrate to their beneficiaries that they are committed to providing quality care."

AI Technology Benefits Clients

This innovative AI software is a robust platform that has been shown to improve patient satisfaction by leveraging features such as real-time agent coaching, which provides immediate feedback to CCS remote clinical staff during calls. This helps improve communication skills and resolve patient issues more effectively. Additionally, automated call scoring and analysis identifies areas where clinical staff can improve. This can help practices boost their overall customer service performance.

For Chronic Care Staffing president Cas Danielowski, the new AI software is the right tool at the right time. "In remote healthcare, patient satisfaction results from quick, reliable connections between clinicians and patients. It's about delivering accurate information in a clear, constructive, and reassuring manner. With our AI solution, we now have faster call resolution times, real-time agent coaching, and automated call scoring and analysis. It's one more tool Chronic Care Staffing can use to help medical practices ensure that their patients are receiving the best possible service."

About Chronic Care Staffing

Chronic Care Staffing collaborates nationwide with clients ranging from small practices to large health systems. CCS is a sister company of Joint Commission-certified Millenia Medical Staffing and has access to a network of nurses across the United States. CCS is a clinically-based company that does not sell software – all our programs are designed to generate income for our clients without an upfront investment.

For additional information about Chronic Care Staffing, please contact Sales Executive Larsen Spinelli. TelephoneEmail: [email protected].