Seay Felton Trial Lawyers' Heartwarming 2023 and Festive Start to 2024

Seay Felton Trial Lawyers' Heartwarming 2023 and Festive Start to 2024

Seay Felton Trial Lawyers' Heartwarming 2023 and Festive Start to 2024: Making a Difference in the Community and Beyond

MACON, Ga., Jan. 4, 2024 Seay Felton Trial Lawyers, a prominent legal firm known for their commitment to justice, compassion, and community engagement, celebrated a memorable December 2023 with two events that embodied the spirit of giving.

In early December, Seay Felton Trial Lawyers actively joined the "12 Days of Giving" campaign, a gratifying initiative that unfolded in Macon, Georgia. This charitable endeavor was hosted by WMGT 41, a local news station, and exemplified the essence of the holiday spirit. In a testament to the firm's generosity, Seay Felton Trial Lawyers distributed two gift cards, each valued at $250. These gift cards symbolize more than just generosity; they represent the firm's commitment to supporting and uplifting the community.

In addition to the "12 Days of Giving," Seay Felton Trial Lawyers partnered with Mount Vernon Baptist Church to organize a Coat Drive throughout December. As the winter season arrived, the firm stepped up to assist those less fortunate in Atlanta.

We understand the significance of staying warm in the colder months and extend our gratitude to these organizations for affording us the chance to positively influence the lives of individuals and families within our community.

As we enter 2024, Seay Felton Trial Lawyers remain unwavering in their commitment to the community. While the official holiday season has concluded, the spirit of giving persists. The events of December 2023 underscored the firm's dedicated service to Macon, Atlanta, and its residents, demonstrating that kindness knows no seasonal boundaries.

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