SafetyStratus Appoints Dr. Jodi Ogilvie as New Leader for Customer Success

SafetyStratus is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ogilvie, a distinguished authority in Chemical Safety and Hazardous Materials, as the head of our Customer Success Division.

PLANO, Texas, Jan. 5, 2024 SafetyStratus, an enterprise EHS software platform company that partners with teams in Academia and many other industries to optimize Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) programs, affirmed that Jodi Ogilvie (PhD), a strong voice for Safety within the University of Minnesota's (UMN) innovate research community, will join the team as the lead for its new Customer Success Division. Utilizing her experience of having successfully led the implementation of SafetyStratus' software at UMN, Dr. Ogilvie plans to continue expanding her career by overseeing interactions between SafetyStratus' in-house implementation team and current/future clients to ensure the administration of their unique needs.

Excelling in research throughout her undergraduate at the University of Maine, Dr. Ogilvie went on to achieve her doctorate in Philosophy and Organic Chemistry from the University of Vermont in 2012 where she developed several organic methodologies. She then chose the University of Minnesota for her postdoctoral appointment studying bond activation and mechanistic models. After over 10 years of research and being a safety role model in her labs, Dr. Ogilvie became the Chemical Hygiene Officer for UMN. Regarding this transition to Environmental Health and Safety, Dr. Ogilvie stated that she was, "excited because I could give safety help and guidance to researchers in a very technical way." In 2022, she became the Lab and Research Safety Manager for the UMN system. Through her years at UMN, Dr. Ogilvie worked to develop programs and procedures alongside researchers, making sure they were comprehensive and easy to implement.

Additionally, Dr. Ogilvie was elected to the Campus, Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association Board of Trustees in July of 2021 as a Member at Large. In her work with CSHEMA, she volunteered her time and efforts by planning and presenting professional development seminars for safety professionals at the annual conferences and symposia hosted by numerous national and international institutions.
Dr. Ogilvie joins SafetyStratus after over 11 years of working for UMN. Commenting on this transition from the world of Academia into that of supportive technology, Dr. Ogilvie stated, "I am excited to join the team that I've grown to know so well. This opportunity allows me to use my background as a researcher, chemical safety expert, and an EHS manager to help our clients achieve the highest level of success while utilizing our enterprise EHS Software Platform and modules." Dr. Ogilvie acknowledged the excitement and welcome challenge that comes with leading a new division within a company and confidently asserted her readiness to meet that challenge.

In addition to her role as the leader for Customer Success, Dr. Ogilvie is also excited to bring her expertise in chemical management and Hazardous Materials Inventory reporting to the robust Chemical Inventory Module. Having led several chemical inventory implementations throughout her career along with her experience aiding project teams with inventory analysis, she is eager to help make this process more accurate and efficient for EHS professionals, project teams, and end-users.

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